Your E-commerce Store

Set Your Missions And goals !


You aspired to become an entrepreneur, worked very hard, setup your 1st store and grew it to 4 more! Good for you. However, you now start realizing that some of your locations are missing out on foot-fall. Friends & relatives advise you to setup an online store! You engage a web company and soon they deliver you something! Give or take 6 more months, revenue does not improve, and this website thinge is consuming up more time & resources! End of the year, you realize that this was all one bad investment.

Well, setting up a website is just 10% of the equation, the remaining 90% are in the details:

  • Making your website eCommerce ready
  • Providing a memorable checkout experience
  • Data & Transaction security
  • Integration with an efficient Order Management System (OMS)
  • Optimizing your website for your local Search Engines

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With years of experience in International direct-2-consumer marketing, Globus Sales is well positioned to help you take that idea and help you build it into a business. We can help you identify and establish all essential & non-essential support functions of your business so that your focus remains on Business growth & expansion