Coral Pendant


About this product:-

  • Pendants made using Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver).
  • The purity of the Coral gemstone used is 4.25 carats and above.
  • Designed in USA.

Coral is linked with ambition, motivation and desire- it has such strength that can infuse enthusiasm and zest for life even in an inactive person. While Coral brings about positivity in the form of enhanced courage, vitality and determination, it also makes way for financial success. Over time, Coral removes all obstacles that stand in the wearer’s path of success and ensures that he stands victorious in facing adversaries. Coral gemstone is said to be possessed with the power to induce leadership qualities in the wearer and steer him ahead towards his destination. Nevertheless, Coral is also associated with prudence and sound judgment- it makes the wearer patient. As a person adorns Coral it ensures happiness and protection in the lives of his younger siblings.

Procedure for wearing a Coral: A coral should be worn on a Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday


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