Laksh Prapthi Pendant


About this product:-

  • 24 Carat gold plating
  • Three powerful Gemstones: Ruby, Golden Topaz, Pearl (naturally cultured)
  • Each stone of 2.0 carat or higher.

Dreaming of having a perfect successful life?? Every day you can get one step closer to your Laksh Prapthi i.e. your goal. Yes, Laksh Prapthi refers to achieving your goals and dreams in this lifetime, and owning this Laksh Prapthi Pendant can help making this a reality.

Wear it as a pendant or carry it in your purse for good luck. The stunning gold finish on the Pendant allows coordinating this with any other Gold jewelry or Fashionable imitation jewelry.

Success will not just fall in one’s laps. One needs to work hard and take effective steps towards it. Each one of us out there wants to be successful and achieve our long term and short term goals. Setting a goal is also an art. Achieving a goal does not mean one can go to any extend without analyzing the right and wrong or the terms and conditions of life. This needs pre-planning, defining the Goals and then getting into action.

Well-known author Rhonda Byrne of the best-selling book “The Secret” has written “Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.”  As per the Success principle, working hard is important but also being positive and focused matters at the same time. Laksh Prapthi Pendant will help you be focused and develop your will power, and have a positive perspective in life. 

Every one of us have different goals to achieve and the definition of success differs from person to person. Let the goal be small or big, short term or long term, being a millionaire or an artist or a sportsperson, or the simplest, being a happy human. Each one of these need to determine what the goal is. One need to be specific about what you want or what you desire to achieve.

When you’re clear about what you want to achieve, find the reason of Why you having set that as your goal, i.e., why you want to achieve that. At times you will feel like giving up, but if the reason is strong enough and important for you to accomplish that goal, you will be self-motivated with that same reason. 

Here comes the important step towards achieving success. How you reach the goal matters. Plan out how you wants your results to be. Take small steps towards your goals. You need to create mini goals in order to reach your goal. Find your inspiration. Learn from their mistakes as well as yours.

Just as the above 3 W, these Three Gems in Laksh Prapthi Pendant will help to achieve your goals, making you a better human and have a better life. 

Pearl: Pearl ranks the most popular gems among the nine gems from ancient times. An original pearl is flawless, smooth, shining and round when formed by the Oyster or artificially cultured. It symbolizes the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.


  • Pearl helps in increasing memory and brain power.
  • It is said that pearl brings good fortune.
  • Pearl symbolizes purity which helps in keeping you calm and controlling your angry.

Ruby: Being extremely rare, Ruby is one of the most valuable precious gemstones in nature. Known as the Ratnanayaka by the Hindus, Natural Ruby is the king amongst the Navaratna. It is considered as the stone of love, power, and passion of life.


  • It brings wealth, wisdom and good health.
  • It builds self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Helps in communication and speaking skills.

Golden Topaz: The Golden topaz brings strong abundance and prosperity to the wearer. It is known to bring happiness to its wearer. It is commonly known as Golden topaz or Imperial topaz. This natural crystal is a powerful stone that could increase the strength of the wearer and will instill faith in you, to allow you to have the confidence to manifest what you want in your life.


  • It brings peace to the wearer and provides stress relief and avoids negativity.
  • It is an effective healing stone excellent for poor immune system function.
  • It helps to create good human relations, offering many opportunities socially.

The Laksh Prapthi Pendant with these precious gems will not only help you succeed your goals, but are also helpful for balancing mental and physical health issues with their strong aura bring you a better healthy life.


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