Birthstone Pearl Combo


About this product:-

  • Rings and Pendants made using Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver).
  • The purity of the Pearl gemstone used is 4.25 carats and above.
  • Free-size rings (fits all).
  • Designed in USA.

Pearl is undoubtedly among the most exquisitely beautiful gemstones and is known to have a deeply soothing influence on our inner selves. It is believed to be the oldest known gemstone and unlike any other gem, it is an organic matter obtained from oyster shells. Pearl has a profoundly captivating effect on our looks and also emotional well being- it brings about happiness and attractiveness which is not just physical but also social. With the joy that a pearl naturally infuses in our existence, a person is able to mingle well with everyone around him.

This unparalleled gemstone is one of the best ways to overcome depression and anxiety in all forms. Inner charm and facial glow are some attributes of people who adorn a pearl, and a balanced reaction to emotional situations is yet another distinctive quality of this gemstone. Correspondingly by adorning a pearl, one can overcome short temperedness. A pearl makes the wearer conscious of the effect his decision have and this refined process of thought yields more lucrative outcomes in all aspects of life. The pearl gemstone is very often linked with extreme depths of thoughts in human beings and puts forth newer levels of consciousness that were earlier unknown. It naturally creates an aura of peace and harmony in the wearer’s surroundings and living environment. Pearl not just has an exceedingly positive effect on our psyche but over time, brings about affluence and luck to the wearer as he is appreciated in all his endeavors. Even in professional matters, a pearl can be greatly helpful and if a person is trying to find guidance or a sense of direction for his work, he must adorn this gemstone. Pearl is believed to be useful if one is looking forward to expand or increase the scope of projects that he may have undertaken.

Some of the most common ailments for which adorning a pearl gemstone is exceedingly beneficial include disorders associated with the eye, cold or cough, typhoid, intestinal ailments or throat infections. If one is suffering from fever, pearl is believed to be possessed with the capability to normalize body temperature and speed up the process of recovery.

Procedure for wearing a Pearl: A Pearl should be worn on little finger of the right hand on a Monday.


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