Maa Durga Kavach

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  1. Experience the transformative power of the Maa Durga Kavach Pendant, crafted from 24-carat gold foil and weighing 18gms.
  2. It offers potent protection and enhances self-confidence.
  3. Activate its full potential through traditional rituals on auspicious days, ensuring personalized blessings and guidance towards success.
  4. This sacred pendant serves as a symbol of strength, shielding its wearer from negative influences and overcoming life’s obstacles.
  5. Embrace its divine energy to embark on a journey of prosperity and empowerment.



Unlock the power of luck and favor in your business endeavors with our exquisite Maa Durga Kavach Pendant. Crafted meticulously with 24-carat gold foil plating, this pendant weighs 18gms and is adorned with the divine image of Goddess Durga on one side and Sri Nav Durga Pendant on the other, symbolizing strength and protection.

This sacred pendant serves as a potent tool to enhance self-confidence, eliminate obstacles from your life, and shield you from negative influences. Its intricate design incorporates the revered Durga Yantra, known for its symbolic representation of power and protection.

To activate its full potential, follow the traditional methods of wearing the Maa Durga Kavach. Choose a Friday or Tuesday, bathe yourself, and prepare for worship. Place the pendant and a Maa Durga idol on a wooden platform covered with a red cloth. Offer Gangajal or pure water, red flowers, incense sticks, sweets, coconut, and fruits as Prasad. Adorn the pendant with a red thread and apply kumkum and rice seeds while reciting the sacred mantra.

Embrace the blessings of Maa Durga as you take a new step forward in your life and career. Wear the Maa Durga Kavach Pendant with reverence, knowing that it will guide you towards success and protect you on your journey.

Note: Ensure that only you wear the pendant, as its power is personalized to the wearer.


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